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If you want to retain complete control of your network AND maximise speed, consider using Dark Fiber.

As business networks expand, they need high bandwidth optical connectivity. Dark fiber is the perfect solution. It is an approach that lets you use your own machines at both ends of the fiber cable that we supply. We simply ensure that the link is never broken. Using dark fiber allows you to manage your own network infrastructure and also means there is one less layer of complexity in your network.

You have total control of your own fibre optic internet network!

This is handy if you own two buildings requiring a high-speed connectivity such as multiple gigabit links for different services on your network. It is also highly secure, helping to prevent outsiders, including government agencies from listening in on your data. As Telstra and Optus do not typically offer dark fiber, Fibervision can offer it on our own network and on TPG/Pipe Networks where required.

What is dark fiber?

Dark fiber is unused or unlit optical fiber that makes it possible to build your own network with the transmission technology of your choice. You essentially lease unlit or ‘dark’ strands of fiber to create your own privately operated optical fiber network, rather than just leasing bandwidth. It enables all forms of data, and almost unlimited capacity, to be transmitted on a single fiber pair. The result is very high bandwidth and a seamless flow of data across your network.

Dark fiber has the following benefits for businesses:

  • It is easily scalable if your organisation grows
  • It gives you full control
  • You can upgrade bandwidth quickly if necessary
  • It provides high levels of performance and superfast speeds
  • You don’t need as much power
  • It has higher capacity
  • It is more immune to interference
  • Signal strength is better

Plus, because the fiber is dedicated to you and not shared with other customers, it facilitates very secure data transfers – in fact, it is one of the most secure forms of connectivity available.

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